Business Bits for Tidbits Vancouver May 2 Re: Jen De Tracey – Marketing Strategist

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About Brian McGavin

I could tell you that I am brilliant at building relationships on the telephone and in-person, but why not let the facts speak for themselves? Here are a few of the successes I have achieved before and can achieve for you: Started and ran a business in property management that went from 3 properties to 141 properties in 18 months. I created value for property investors: maximizing rents, upgrading properties to a liveable standard, making recommendations on what properties to buy and why. The realtors that I worked with were very happy as I could tell a potential investor what the problems were with a property, what was missing, where the value was in a property. Under my stewardship, 7 properties were purchased by investors with an additional 11 investors engaging me as their property manager. My ability to learn new programs and procedures – quickly. I was brought in on a new project that an agency had just received approval for operating from the provincial government. In two weeks, I set up a classroom, pulled together a 12 week classroom curriculum, established office administration systems, produced and distributed the marketing materials; interviewed and accepted 12 participants. The result of this focused hard work allowed the non-profit agency to deliver on its promises, and gain new contracts worth millions of new dollars to them. Selling education to Fishermen. An educational firm, Maritime Educational Associates, wanted to provide specialized training for fishers to upgrade their licenses as mandated by Transport Canada. My company got the contract to promote this educational upgrading program. I was specified with the task of finding 48 fishers to take the training and to deliver the $48,000 commission to my company. The time line was tight requiring that all fishers have their licenses updated by July 1st of the next year. In a 3 month registration window of time, I filled 48 seats by phoning and sending out emails to fishers, inviting them in for a seminar on what was required, supporting them in getting all paperwork and financing ready in advance of the various start dates of the 8 week program.
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